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Oct. 26, 2022

Digital Storytelling with Moxie - Kirt Jacobs - Moxie Talk

Digital Storytelling with Moxie - Kirt Jacobs - Moxie Talk

Everyone has a story to tell, even if it’s only for themselves. It’s about finding the moments that shape who you are today and sharing them with the world. Digital storytelling is an emerging trend that allows brands to connect with people in unexpected ways. The world is changing. The American Dream is fading and we are looking for a hero to take up the torch and carry it onward. Digital Storytelling is that historical myth and legend that we believe is our only hope for future generations

Today on Beyond the Story Podcast, we are joined by Kirt Jacobs. Kirt Jacobs is the host and producer of MoxieTalk, a multimedia platform that gives an intimate look into the courage, character, and defining moments of today’s most inspiring individuals. Kirt has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. He has over 25+ years of experience in the real estate industry and has closed over $20 million dollars in transactions during his career. Kirt also served as an economic development officer for the Louisville Metro Government from 2003-2011 where he worked on a multitude of local economic development projects.

In this episode, Kirt Jacob talks about his epiphany bringing him to where he is presently working on, his thoughts on morality, personal spirituality and much more.

Please enjoy!


[01:09] A little bit about Kirt Jacob's story.

[02:54] Kirt Jacob’s epiphany.

[09:29] Thoughts of mortality post 40

[10:24] Personal spirituality

[14:11] Each person is born with a set of cards.

Notable Quotes

[00:02:21] “And you know, what's your most defining moment? What were you or what were your biggest influences? You know, how do you want to be remembered? That's our signature question.”

[00:07:19] “The interesting thing is that most people don't realize and not everyone's receptive to my opportunity in that world because it's a very seductive lifestyle.”

[00:11:24] “There's nothing around us as far as we know, to our knowledge. You know, there's not, you know, the orange people on Venus in the red people on Mars.”

[00:12:17] “I've found that when the individual passes, kind of like my story earlier and now with everything so virtual and online, you don't have to, you know, have to hand them a DVD.”

[00:13:48] “But we seem to be in a time frame in American history where a lot of people want to blame everybody else for their place in society.”

[00:14:11] “We're all born with a set of cards. You know, we're male or female. We're smarter, dumb or pretty or ugly, you know, or rich or poor, you know. And we all get this deck of cards and we come to Little Earth. And by and large, they're pretty static, you know, they don't really change much, but it's how you play the hand that changes how the cards unfold.”

[00:15:11] “And what I like to always say is sometimes a man makes history and sometimes history makes a man.”


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