Are You Ready To Go Beyond The Story?


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A must listen 🔥🔥

This podcast is awesome! Sebastian has a gift for asking the right questions of his guests and also using humor to make the episodes entertaining.

Excellent Podcast and Host

Sebastian Rusk brings the energy and FUN to the podcast world. Don't miss an episode!

I learn so much from this podcast

Sebastian does an amazing job at bringing out the best in his guests. He asks the right questions to learn about their motivations and the guests have super interesting stories.


Truly motivated me to go out and make a change

SO good!

Sebastian is a great host and gets his guests to dive deeper then they probably thought they would go. Exellent job!


Sebastian really does take it beyond the story - love the depth of conversation!

Sebastian is awesome!

Really great for show and host! I'll be back for more for sure!

Great show

Love how feel Sebastian goes! Really digs down in there with his guests

Great show

Sebastian has great energy and tons of experience in podcasting! I loved being on his show. Keep up the great work! 🙏🏼❤️😊

Great Podcast

I love the variety of guests Sebastian has on the show. And the beauty of it is that he shows that inspiration comes from everywhere… literally everyone has an amazing story!


Sebastian really dives into every single topic on his podcast. Amazing work!!

Insightful and inspiring

I love this podcast and it’s premise. Sebastian goes deep and has the best guests on his show! I love episode 80!

Incredible Podcast

Sebastian brings great stories, insight, and wisdom. Give this show a try!

The pursuit of WHY

This is critical to being a great host....doing the work and research is what makes this show special. Sebastian is a solid host, keep it up! - Adam #thePOZcast

Great podcast!

This is really a great show hosted by Sebastian. I've started listening to this podcast recently and enjoying every episode. I never want to miss a single  upcoming episode. Keep up the great work.

Mic drop!

I love the nuggets Sebastian pulls out of his guests. There is always at least one mic drop moment for me in each episode!


Sebastian always brings the heat! Always takes the time to research before they press that big red record button. I can hear their passion in their voice. 10/10 would recommend here!

Straight fire here!

Sebastian goes so far beyond the ordinary. It really inspires me.

Such a good podcast!

Sebastian is a fantastic host and a great interviewer who gets incredible stories out of his guests! Keep up the great work! 👏

Seb is THE rockstar of all podcast interviewers!

Love the energy Sebastian brings and his style - couple that with his quick wit and sense of humor and you’re in for a winning rockstar combo every episode! #RockstarsRocking for sure!! 🤘🤘🤘

The Best "Buzz" in South Florida!

Fantastic content and entertaining, to boot!