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Jan. 2, 2023

How To Crush The Day Before It Crushes You - Drewbie Wilson - Call The Damn Leads

How To Crush The Day Before It Crushes You - Drewbie Wilson - Call The Damn Leads

We're all born to be great, but it's a lot easier said than done. We spend our days doing the same things over and over again: eating, sleeping, working and going to the gym. And don't get us started on all the other stuff we do while we're at work: texts and emails that have already been sent and received, Facebook notifications, Slack messages… the list goes on. But what if you were able to carve out just five minutes each day to crush your day? What if you could focus on one thing at a time? What if you didn't have to scroll through your phone for hours at a time waiting for something to happen? What if you could actually achieve something in those five minutes? It might sound like science fiction right now, but wait until you see how much better life can get when you take control of your time.

Today on Beyond the Story Podcast, we are joined by Drewbie Wilson. Drewbie is a Best-Selling Author, Podcast Pro, Consultant and Mentor - Inspiring Success Driven Winners to Become the Most Elite Version of Themselves by Crushing the Day! Drewbie managed to change his entire life in a short amount of time. Starting with personal development, followed by helping others with no expectations. This led him to his mantra of "Crush the day before it crushes you".

Drewbie gives us his back story of where he came from and how did he get to where he is today. He also talks about his entry into sales and how did he find his niche as well as developed a new business as a result of several mistakes. Most importantly, Drewbie gives us his perspective on taking risks in life and how one needs to crush the day. This episode will leave you with a solid takeaway lesson.

Let’s dive in!

Topics Discussed and Key points

  • Where Wilson developed his work ethic
  • Wilson's initial entry into sales
  • How Wilson found personal development and online marketing in this whole world that we live in now.
  • How Wilson used Facebook to get super cheap leads and double his production
  • Taking risks and betting on other people that are willing to bet on us.
  • Trusting in yourself and the process.
  • You can lie to numbers but numbers will never lie to you
  • Social media and how you can use it intentionally to build an audience of people that know, like and trust you by being authentic.
  • The value of our time
  • Four areas of our life that are important
  • True success comes from getting clarity about what success really means to you
  • Leaving a lasting impression


[00:44] Upcoming Apex tour in 2023

[03:46] Wilson's backstory and how he started his business

[07:19] Wilson’s duration with Apex and Zoom

[22:16] How Wilson first smoked meat

[25:31] Crushing the day 

[32:19] Building momentum

[35:05] Leaving the last impression

Notable Quotes

[00:05:29] “I grew up single, mom. Dad was in and out of my life a lot, so I kind of watched my mom really hustle her ass off to raise me and my two brothers.” [00:05:38]

[00:06:40] “I was selling drugs in the back end and at school, my phone was ringing off the hook and I was watching people like graduating from photography college and saying, Hey, go get a job at Moto Photo, making $12 an hour shooting by Christmas cards and shit.” [00:06:54]

[00:18:30] “Sometimes those trips don't work out the way that you think, but sometimes you wait in your patient and that patience turns into, like, a pay-out bigger than you ever believe.” [00:18:40]

[00:20:00] “So many people have that scarcity mindset where they don't want to show up in a room they don't want to give unless they have a guarantee of getting something in return.” [00:20:08]

[00:22:16] “I've been smoking my whole life. The meat just recently got added to the rotation. And so, for Father's Day this year, I've been saying it for a while. I wanted to get a smoker. I love barbecue.” [00:22:29]

[00:25:46] “We can all make money at this point. We all recognize that like we can go and we can do a job and we can get paid an hourly wage or whatever. We know how to make money. Money is easy. What we don't value enough is our time.” [00:26:00]

[00:26:21] “Let's assume you're making 50 bucks an hour, but if you knew you only had 24 hours left to live, would you still sell me an hour of your time for $50?” [00:26:33]

[00:28:41] “The problem is most of us put ourselves last. Always we focus on our business and our families first and then we worry about ourselves. So that's why people get out of shape.” [00:28:49]

[00:30:01] “I look at it like this. If you focus on those things every day, you track it, you measure it, and you're focused and intentional with where you're spending your time. You're going to get a lot more out of life because nobody's guaranteed tomorrow.” [00:30:14]

[00:32:23] “If you don't have momentum, you're not going to keep going anywhere. So you have to put in the work to build that momentum right.” [00:32:28]

[00:32:39] “Success comes from getting clarity about what success really means to you. So many people are chasing the grind. They're chasing the hustle because they think they need a Lambo or a private jet or a mansion or trips.” [00:32:50]



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