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Nov. 4, 2021

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business - Joshua B. Lee

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business - Joshua B. Lee

Joshua B. Lee is The Dopamine Dealer of Linkedin - Engagement and Influencer Marketing

Here's a little more about Josh...

Human connection and engagement are key, as every company is run by another human being.

We have forgotten how to connect and engage in this digital age of automation. Most of you know if you see an ad, are in a digital funnel or email sequence and they do not work on you unless that is the exact product or service you are already searching why do so many people think it will continue to work on your ideal client???

Companies do not want more "TRAFFIC" they want engaged buyers.

Over the last decade, I have managed over $500 million in ad spending and controlled over 35 trillion online impressions. Which has brought me to one conclusion.

"There is a huge disconnect between traffic and real conversions."

"I help X to achieve Y so they can do Z" ~ A strong Headline, first step in results-driven LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

Our goals at StandOut Authority are simple:
✔ To guide you to align marketing and sales for maximum effectiveness
✔ To equip you with the mindset needed to engage and connect online
✔ To provide you the skill set needed to win in the digital economy
✔ To provide the right toolset to navigate the digital sales ecosystem

I've been blessed to have had clients that include Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, and Lance Tyson along with corporate training clients like Oracle and Gartner, and many others.

As the author of Balance is Bullsh*t, I offer clarity, mindfulness, innovation, and humor to my readers, clients, and social media audiences. I believe that work-life balance is a myth. We do not have two separate lives just as we do not have two different personalities.

As a father of two, having an integrated life based on vision, relationships, health, and business, has allowed me to achieve my dreams.

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