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Feb. 13, 2023

How To Become A Certified Digital Marketer - Mark de Grasse - Digital Marketer

How To Become A Certified Digital Marketer - Mark de Grasse - Digital Marketer

Experience a unique episode that dives deep into the world of digital marketing and be a part of the conversation with Beyond The Story as host Sebastian Rusk leads guest, Mark de Grasse of DigitalMarketer on a journey of discovery. Together they explore the importance of content and content creation, the power of the right "f-bomb," the evolution of marketing with AI technology and why strategy will never be replaced by AI. You won't want to miss the latest episode of Beyond The Story. Tune in and take your digital marketing knowledge to the next level!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Benefits of Incorporating Podcasts in Digital Marketing Strategies
  • The Benefits of Digital Marketing Utilizing AI
  • The Benefits of AI in Marketing Strategies

Topics with Timestamps:

[00:03:03] Creating Content and Networking in the Marketing Industry

[00:09:15] Exploring the Advantages of Injecting Podcasts into Digital Marketing Strategies 

[00:12:28] Exploring Digital Marketing with AI

[00:19:02] The Advantages of Utilizing AI in Marketing Plans

[00:22:13] Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Notable Quotes:

“It's not just about content marketing or social media marketing or copywriting. It's about how do you use all of these elements together to create a cohesive strategy? And then how do you use that strategy to create a cohesive plan? And then how do you use that plan to create a cohesive execution? And then how do you use that execution to create a cohesive result?

"It's not that AI is gonna replace marketers. It's going to be a requirement. If you don't know how to use AI to  increase your production times, increase your results, track everything better, optimize better, analyze better, all the other elements of marketing, then you're gonna fall so far behind that you'll just have a bunch of people leaving the industry is what's gonna happen."

"Marketing is marketing professionals managing the human relationship with the company or the client that you have in order to get them to the place they wanna go."

"It's gonna be like the deletion of a bunch of tasks that nobody wants to do anyways."

"Just get started, people."


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