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Feb. 16, 2023

How To Buy Businesses With Zero Money Down - Adam Lyons -

How To Buy Businesses With Zero Money Down - Adam Lyons -

On today’s episode, Sebastian Rusk uncovers the mysterious Adam Lyons for an enlightening interview on Beyond The Story. Adam started his journey in the business world at a movie prop company after college, and quickly took drastic measures to try and save the business. Votes from across the globe saw him become the number one dating coach in the world for three consecutive years. Adam believes that entrepreneurship is about absolute freedom and that anyone can create success with little to no start-up costs. Adam has also managed to triple the profits of his dungeon and dragons game shop in Austin, Texas in only three and a half years. What truly sets Adam apart, though, is his 'working vacation' scheme. He invites participants to take a carefully crafted cruise designed to maximize the results they can achieve in terms of growing their business, all while enjoying their vacation. Join Sebastian Rusk and Adam Lyons on Beyond The Story to find out how you can unleash your true potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Career Success After Struggling Financially
  • Pursuing True Entrepreneurial Freedom
  • Financing Businesses Through Monthly Payments
  • Affordable Video Game Purchasing Strategies
  • The Benefits of Taking a Working Vacation to Grow Your Business

Topics with Timestamps:

[00:03:14] Financial Struggles and Becoming a Dating Coach

[00:06:24] Pursuing Genuine Entrepreneurial Liberty

[00:09:18] Financing Businesses Through Installment Payments

[00:12:13] Strategies for Cost-Effective Video Game Shopping

[00:15:06] The Prospect for a Dungeon and Dragons Game Store in Austin, Texas

[00:17:48] Harnessing the Benefits of a Working Vacation to Expand Your Business

[00:20:54] Fishing for crabs in Alaska on a budget

Notable Quotes:

"We found one that worked and then just ran that one for the next 8 months. It's really just about testing and finding what works. And then just running that. It's really simple. It's not rocket science. It's just that a lot of people don't know how to do it. So they don't do it.”

“True entrepreneurship is about absolute freedom, but you can really kinda do whatever you want.” 

“If you want your price, I get my terms. If you want your terms, I get my price.” 

“You could drop me in Germany in the 1200s and assuming I survived witchcraft because they would know where I've come from, what I'm wearing, I could start a business and succeed using business strategy because it doesn't require any specific technology."

"Tactics are very technologically based. So tactics is what I would do on Facebook, which won't work in Roman times or in Germany in the 1200s. On the flip side, a good business strategy, you know, like hey, try a free sample and then upsell into a subscription would work in any time period."


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