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Feb. 9, 2023

How To Create A Lifestyle Fitness and Wellness Plan That Works For You - Kris Zizzo - Beyond Failure Fitness

How To Create A Lifestyle Fitness and Wellness Plan That Works For You - Kris Zizzo - Beyond Failure Fitness

Introducing Beyond the Story where host Sebastian Rusk welcomes guests from around the world. In today’s episode, Sebastian talks with Weight Loss Health and Fitness CoachKris Zizzo, inspiring listeners on their journey to reach health and fitness goals. Kris teaches how to create a sustainable lifestyle by focusing on both the mind and the body. Kris grew up in the tough town of Modesto, CA and was determined to make something of himself. He had to learn to be his true self, and his hard work and discipline have paid off. Kris offers scientifically-backed advice on the best time to work out, while also giving tips on tackling heavier weight, putting away "man titties'' and growing muscle. Sebastian concludes that Beyond Failure Fitness is one of the most supportive and badass weight loss groups out there, and focused on helping users create a lifestyle that can last them forever.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Being True to Yourself
  •  The Power of Daily Self-Discipline for Mental Health.
  •  The Impact of Timing on Exercise and Health
  •  The Benefits of Regular Exercise for All Individuals
  •  The Benefits of Low-Intensity Cardio Exercise

Topics with Timestamps:

[00:03:16] The Strength of Staying Authentic to Yourself

[00:06:10] The Positive Effects of Practicing Daily Self-Discipline on Mental Health

[00:09:04] The Rewards of Endurance and Persistence

[00:12:00] The Advantages of Taking Daily Action to Accomplish Success

[00:14:59] How the Timing of Exercise Influences Health

[00:17:51] The Advantages of Frequent Exercise for Everyone

[00:20:53] The Advantages of Low-Intensity Cardiovascular Exercise

[00:24:01] Perform some push-ups to benefit from the effects of resistance training in reducing man boobs.

[00:26:43] The Advantages of High Intensity Resistance Training

[00:29:39] Forming a Lasting Health and Fitness Routine

[00:32:22] The Advantages of Participating in a Weight Loss Support Group

Notable Quotes:

"I was like, I'm gonna have a cheat meal. I'm gonna have a cheat meal. And then I was like, No, I'm not. I'm not gonna do it. I'm gonna stick to the plan.

"If you want that to go away, they call it the bat wing and I love it, but if you want that to go away, you have to do heavyweights and build muscle. The muscle that you talk about and you don't want, that's what you need to do for it. And it'll go away. It'll tighten up your skin." 

"With us, we create sustainability. It starts with the mind. It ends with the body and it's and it ends with a good plan that you can keep going forever." 

"Our goal isn't to keep you on our team and for us be your crutch for a lifetime. It sounds like a great business plan and it is and our business plan sucks but our goal truly is to let you go." 

"Power is the act of taking that heavy grocery bag or that carton of milk and lifting it up out of the back seat. That requires power. Strength is the act of carrying that from your car into your house. Without having to set it down and gasping for air. Right? Or letting it slip out of your hand. That's strength."


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