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Nov. 17, 2022

How To Leverage Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Brand - Nicholas Quintero - Meal Prep on Fleek

How To Leverage Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Brand - Nicholas Quintero - Meal Prep on Fleek

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in Digital Marketing. Many companies are now tapping into this trend as it offers many benefits including brand awareness, social media presence, and conversion generation. But what kind of benefits do you get from leveraging influencer marketing tactics?

Today on Beyond the Story Podcast, we are joined by Nick Quintero. Nick is an entrepreneur in the food-prepping industry and has around 700,000+ active followers on social media. His main company is Meal Prep on Fleek (MPOF), a leading company in a unique industry that teaches people how to save time, money, and stress while improving their overall health through meal prepping.

Join Nick on this passionate, engaging and informative episode to learn how one can leverage influencer marketing to grow their brand. This episode is a great overview of what influencer marketing is, why it's important in the modern day and a real-world look at how one can use it as part of content strategy.


[01:40] A little bit about Nick and what he does

[02:50] When did Nick start leveraging influencer marketing?

[03:36] How influencer marketing works.

[05:00] A mixed bag of results comes out of working with influencers.

[06:28] How does Nick determine whether the influencers they work with are actual influencers?

[07:15] The number of influencers Nick works with at any given time

[07:58] How long did Nick’s growth happen

[08:39] The Justin Danger strategy

[10:14] What impact do changes in algorithms have on influencer marketing?

[11:18] How an entrepreneur can get his content game figured out and have consistent content as a newbie in the game

[13:22] Nick's final thoughts

Notable Quotes

[00:01:53] “Social growth has been a big focus for me how do I achieve growth and what are the different methods to do it? Influencer marketing is something that I came across. It also kind of fuels a publishing strategy for me.”

[00:03:52] “There are so many different tiers of influencer marketing. Everyone has influence. It's just being the right person with the right platform.”

[00:05:28] People that have just achieved a 15 or £20 weight loss have way more influence than someone who's just kind of, you know, talking about your kids and talking about the dog and the weather and, you know, a little bit of fitness and health.

[00:12:11] “Volume is important because you don't know what's going to hit. Once you find something that hits and that will be defined as whatever your objective is, generates followers, gets clicks.”


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From Zero to 100K - Everything I'm doing on Instagram right now:

- 1 post per day

- 70/30 content in the feed (70% collabs/reposts - 30% own)

- Collaborations in IG Stories (the new S4S)

- Influencer Commenting groups

- Sharing IG posts to Twitter (IFTTT)

- Sharing IG posts to Facebook (IFTTT)

- Reaching out to like pages for a collab A LOT (adding value to others is key!)

- Using stories semi-regularly (2-3x per week)

- Embedding IG posts in my blog

- Testing hashtags... choose hashtags with 20k-400k photos (generally)

- Monthly videos (hoping to get to 1 weekly video post)

- Testing post description types.

- Short vs. long 

- Mentions vs. No mentions 

- Hashtags in the description vs. Hashtags in the first comment (or both)

- Different CTAs

- Post Types

- Quotes

- Recipes

- Beautiful dishes

- Video

- Carousel

- Infographic

- Lists